Community working groups
Information on Phuture's community working groups

What are community working groups?

Community Working Groups allow motivated community members to propose, share and collaborate on ideas that will benefit the Phuture ecosystem. Each Community Working Group focuses on a different area of the ecosystem and each have a different set of goals that they are trying to achieve.
The current working groups are:
  • Marketing and Growth
  • Business Development
  • Product

How to join a community working group?

This is a short guide that will go through the process of joining one of Phuture's Community Working Groups, how to be rewarded for your work, the outline of the working structure and the next steps.
Step One
Step Two
Step Three
Step Four
Join the Phuture Discord. Under 'Ecosystem', you will see the different working groups listed. Pick one that lines up with your skillset/passion.
Look at the working group's goals, then review the task sheet for your specific working group. These are tasks that the community will be encouraged to complete. If you have other ideas/proposals that you feel could improve on what's existing or hasn't yet been thought about, share your ideas in the group!
If your idea/proposal is something you feel will help achieve the community working groups goals, propose it to the Phuture community on the forum. Link to our community forum Link Check out our template proposal
After adding to the discussions, proposing new ideas and showing initiative. You will be invited into a focused group that will be comprised of fellow Phuture community members.
All work done/tasks completed will be compensated. For more information on payment structure, check out this post in our Discord.
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