Community working groups

Information on Phuture's community working groups

What is a working group?

Working groups are sub-groups within our community, where we focus our discussions around specific topics for maximum synergy and impact.
Joining a working group is restricted to those holding 1,000 PHTR or more.
Working group channels on Discord are available to those who own a minimum of 1,000 PHTR. We've found that holding and owning an amount of PHTR, showcases commitment and alignment to the mission and culture Phuture is creating.
Members of working groups will be able to earn PHTR on a monthly basis for value added to the ecosystem in each of the working groups.

We currently have these working groups:

Channels within the working groups section. They are not open to everyone, see below how to access them!
  • Marketing and Growth
This is where we discuss marketing and growth strategies, campaigns, tactics, and community contributions to Phuture’s growth.
  • Business Development
The perfect place for those with business development, consulting, partnership, commercial or sales backgrounds. We aim to unlock and open new partnerships and integrations for Phuture. Utilising each other's skills and abilities to do so.
  • Product
The Product Group is a focused collective looking to improve the existing products and discuss new ideas. It's the perfect place for those that like to jump into the details and share potential ideas to be added to the product roadmap.
As we grow, we’ll have more working groups.

How to join the working groups

Step One
Step Two
Step Three
Step Four
Join the Phuture Discord. If you want to take the next step and join one of the Phuture working groups, you will have to own 1,000 PHTR to unlock the Discord rights to participate.
Look at the working group's goals, then review the task sheet for your specific working group. These are tasks that working group members will be encouraged to complete.
So we can better accommodate you in the groups, please fill out this form.
This is the channel for users who have recently unlocked the working groups channels. Like it? Make sure you hold 1,000 PHTR or more.
Once decided, make yourself known by introducing yourself on the WG channel. Look to join the calls and add to the conversations!
Say hello!
At the end of every month, if you've applied yourself and brought value to the ecosystem that achieves our collective goals for Phuture, your work will be submitted.
Bring value
Then, the community will vote on Coordinape for the PHTR awarded.