Introduction to Phuture

Welcome to Phuture! Your crypto investments are about to get better.

What is Phuture?

Phuture is a decentralised protocol that gives users passive exposure to crypto assets. With leading index products built on Ethereum and Avalanche, Phuture is at the forefront of innovation in crypto passive investing. Phuture has a global team and community to support and grow its mission.
Phuture is for new and seasoned crypto investors.
Our products make it simple to get exposure to a sector, while the robust methodology, product architecture and yield-bearing mechanisms are great choices for seasoned investors.

The Phuture crypto index platform

Our crypto index platform provides the ability to manage capital, by using smart contracts to implement different investment strategies. This technology is used to power our crypto index funds.
Each index or structure product is managed within a vault, where the underlying assets are held. The vault enables rebalancing between assets, and can also utilise additional strategies to improve returns and influence the index’s risk profile.

Our foundation story

Founded in 2019 by previous crypto Venture Capital investors, Charles Storry, Oliver Mehr and technologist Alex Melnichuk, the leadership team has extensive experience in the crypto space as well as the traditional financial markets. Phuture has raised $3.75 million across its seed rounds with investment from Ascensive Assets and other crypto funds and angel investors such as Chaudhry, previous CEO of and Quantstamp.
To see who’s part of the leadership team and what are our culture pillars, refer to the About us page.