CAI - Colony Avalanche Index

The benchmark index for the Avalanche ecosystem index.


The Colony Avalanche Index (CAI) provides exposure to the most prominent projects on Avalanche. Additional yield is passively earned through interest-earning protocols.
This index is perfect for investors that are bullish on Avalanche’s ecosystem and are looking for exposure and gains well beyond just the AVAX token.


Performant by design. CAI brings returns utilising two methods: broad exposure to the Avalanche ecosystem, as well as additional yield from interest-earning protocols. CAI is a well-grounded investment strategy no matter the market, and much more efficient than individually holding the assets.



CAI token address

Token address: 0x48f88a3fe843ccb0b5003e70b4192c1d7448bef0

Invest in CAI

To invest in CAI, go to, select CAI, connect your wallet and click on ‘Buy’.