USV - USDC Savings Vault

Crypto's first USDC bond ETF


Our first Savings Vault (USV) accepts USDC giving you access to interest on your idle USDC. USDC has set the standard for regulation and transparency making it the most trusted stable coin in crypto.

How does USV work?

The Phuture Savings Vault's first product (USV) is powered by Notional, the top DeFi protocol for fixed rate lending and borrowing.
The USDC Savings Vault offers an optimised interest rate by investing into a blend of three and six month bonds. It dynamically allocates capital to whichever maturity has the highest interest rate at the time. Depositing into USV removes the cost and complexity of managing maturities.
USV offers depositors competitive rates because borrowers are willing to pay a premium to borrow at fixed rates.

Security and transparency

The safety of the funds held in the USDC Savings Vault is our top priority and every piece of the investment stack has been thoroughly audited. Notional is the largest and most tested fixed rate lending protocol on Ethereum supporting a loan book of close to $1bn at its peak.
The bonds that the USDC Savings Vault invests into are all over-collateralised to ensure the certainty of repayment.


Phuture does not charge any fees on USV. However, Notional charge a fee for entering and exiting bond positions. They charge 0.3% per annum, so as an example, if the bond matures in 6 months the fee to enter or exit the bond is 0.15%.
USV investors should be aware of these fees and consider the duration they intend to hold USV for, as they can make short term deposits unprofitable, depending on the prevailing yield.

Key terms

  • Tenors/maturities - length of time until the bond matures and can be redeemed for par value



USV token address

Token address: 0x6bad6a9bcfda3fd60da6834ace5f93b8cfed9598

Invest in USV

To invest in USV, go to, select USV, connect your wallet and click on ‘Buy’.