Phuture v1 is a decentralised asset management protocol built for the creation and management of crypto index funds on EVM networks. Launched in 2022 Phuture v1 was built from the ground up by the team at Phuture Labs and is the technology that underpins our current range of index products.

Phuture v1 is not intended to be a self-service platform for third parties to launch products permissionlessly; rather, it exists to support secure and accessible index products launched by Phuture and its partners.

Phuture v1 delivers on the following features:

  • Permissionless unit issuance and redemption in the form of ERC-20 tokens.

  • Trustless trading powered by 0x exchange infrastructure.

  • Contract driven rebalancing - Enter the new assets and weights and our contracts will automatically create the necessary rebalancing orders to be executed.

  • Yield generation on the constituent assets to improve index returns.

  • Support for Chainlink and TWAP price oracles.

  • Decentralised rebalancing through keepers - Rebalancing orders can be executed by any keeper on the network.

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