FAQs | General questions

Here you will find the most comment questions we get about Phuture.
What is Phuture?
Phuture provides exposure to crypto assets through on-chain index funds and structured products.
What products does Phuture currently offer?
Phuture currently has 3 products live:
🔵 PDI | Phuture DeFi Index - The only DeFi index on Ethereum with underlying yield from Yearn.
🔴 CAI | Colony Avalanche Index - The benchmark index for the Avalanche ecosystem.
💰 USV | USDC Savings Vault - The most competitive returns on USDC, powered by Notional.
Do I need any tokens to use Phuture?
No. Phuture is open to anyone, anywhere.
To buy our index funds, you will need ETH or USDC for Ethereum products, and AVAX or USDC for Avalanche products. Learn more about our index funds here.
How can I contact the Phuture team?
The best place to contact us is on Discord. Join our server, and you can share your questions in the channels. You can also DM one of the core team members.
Alternatively, you can send us an email at [email protected].
How can I participate in the community?
Simply head to the Phuture Discord to start reading, interacting and contributing. We'll see you there!
How do I pronounce Phuture?
Phuture is pronounced like the word “future”.
Where is Phuture based?
Phuture is a remote company, we currently don’t have a central office and our core team is spread across Europe.
How much does it cost to invest in one of Phuture's index funds?
When you invest in a Phuture index fund, there are three categories of fees you will come across. These are:
  • Entry
  • Management
  • Exit
We’ve explained each of them

Entry fees - investing in the index

These are the fees you’ll encounter on day 0, the day you invest in the index.
These fees are charged by Phuture as our source of revenue. We use a large part of them to cover expenses and for building and maintaining our codebase, app and each of the index funds we manage.
  • Buying on an exchange
Most people will invest through an exchange.
If you purchase one of our index funds on an exchange like Bancor you will have to pay a swap fee of typically 0.3%, but it can vary depending on the exchange.
  • Minting fee
Minting is not for everyone. Check this page to decide if minting is right for you.
If you do decide to mint, then the fee is 0.2% of the amount being invested.

Management fees

This is the fee charged on the total capital you invested in our index funds.
It costs 1.0% of the capital you invest in the index annually. It is charged over the course of the year - every day a little bit of this fee is charged automatically by the protocol.
We spread the charge across the year to avoid extreme volatility if paid on a given day. Also, you pay fees proportionally to how long you held on to your index - if you held it for less than a year, you will not pay the entire amount.
Example: If you’re investing USD 1,000 into a Phuture index fund, your management fee will be USD 10.00 annually (assuming a fixed index price).
Note: Phuture does not charge fees on returns.

Exit fees - when you sell your investment

  • Selling on an exchange
Most people will sell through an exchange.
If you sell the index on an exchange like Bancor you will have to pay a swap fee of typically 0.3%, but it can vary depending on the exchange.
  • Redeeming your index
Redeeming the index for the underlying tokens is not for everyone.
If you do decide to redeem, the fee is 0.5% of the amount being redeemed.
💫 That's all!
Keep in mind with every transaction you make on Ethereum, there are gas fees. Learn more about Ethereum gas fees in our Learn hub.