FAQs | Products

Here you will find the answers to main questions around our entire product portfolio, not one index in specific. Follow to the next page for index-specific FAQs.
Is there a minimum investment amount?
No, you can invest with as little money as you wish.
To learn more about fees, see section "How much does it cost to invest in one of Phuture index funds?" under the General FAQs
Where can I buy Phuture index funds?
You can buy Phuture index funds directly from our app at
Who can invest in a Phuture index fund?
Our mission is to bring easy crypto exposure, so of course, anyone, anywhere can invest in a Phuture index fund!
Unlike other crypto index funds, it does not matter where you are located, your citizenship, or how much money you are investing. This is the beauty of DeFi. All you need is an initial amount, a crypto wallet, and an internet connection!
You can also get started with any amount (just make sure you have enough to cover the gas fees!).
What's the difference between investing in Phuture index funds vs. buying individual assets?
There are many benefits to investing in our index funds instead of buying assets individually. The key ones are:
  • Minimises volatility
The index has the average volatility of all the underlying tokens
  • Saves time
You don’t need to research the sector and every single asset to make sure you’re buying the right ones, we’ve already done that for you. You can check the methodology in the product section Methodology.
  • Themed, sector investing is a smart strategy
Index investing is one of the best strategies for nascent industries. Instead of finding the needle in the haystack, you buy the haystack.
This does not apply to mature industries or narrow ones, such as ‘automobiles’ where there’s less innovation in the market and the growth is simply shifted from one player to another.
  • Rebalancing is automated and doesn’t cost you
Buying the assets individually means you will have to manage those assets in your portfolio. Tracking the market, the timing, and increasing or decreasing weight in your portfolio as the market evolves. All of that comes with complexity, and gas fees every time you buy and sell in order to manually rebalance it. Our index funds are automatically rebalanced, so you don’t have the hassle nor the fees of adjusting the portfolio.
We’ve built our index funds to simplify investing crypto, so anyone can get exposure to this growing asset class.
Do I get charged when a rebalancing occurs?
Phuture doesn’t charge a fee for rebalancing.
However, there are costs incurred from the exchanges as our protocol rebalances the index, which may affect the resulting value of the index.
The Phuture protocol rebalances on your behalf, so you don’t have to worry about it nor manage the exchange fees mentioned above. Check here for more information on how rebalancing works.
Does Phuture have insurance for the assets held in its index funds?
Phuture does not insure the assets that are held by its index funds.
The utmost care has been taken to ensure our protocol and the assets we harbour on it are safe, through extensive auditing and stringent token inclusion requirements.