What is the CAI contract address?
Token address: 0x48f88a3fe843ccb0b5003e70b4192c1d7448bef0
What assets do I need in order to invest in CAI? 🪙
To invest in CAI, you will need AVAX or USDC in a wallet that supports Avalanche.
Will the assets in CAI change in the future? 🤔
Yes. CAI is an index composed of the top assets in the Avalanche ecosystem, weighted by circulating market capitalisation.
Therefore, if the market changes, assets increase and decrease in market cap, or new assets join the top group, changes in asset liquidity, CAI will change the assets and update the weights to reflect the current market.
This update is done by the Phuture protocol, so you don’t have to worry about managing your assets to follow the market! We’ll take care of that for you - that’s the beauty of our index funds.
Learn more about the rebalancing strategy and the methodology here.
Will the investment strategy of CAI ever change? 🤔
CAI’s strategy is to give all-rounded exposure to the Avalanche ecosystem. It is composed of the native token (AVAX) and the largest applications in the ecosystem.
The assets composing CAI and their respective weights might change as the market evolves (see here for more info on the index methodology) but the investment strategy will never change.
CAI will always represent the top assets from the Avalanche ecosystem.
Who manages CAI? ⚙️
CAI and all our index funds are managed by Phuture.
We created the methodology in partnership with Colony, and Phuture continuously ensures the monthly rebalancing adheres to the methodology no matter the market. See below for more information on Colony and our partnership.
What can I do with CAI?
There are many things you can do with CAI!
Hold and earn passive income from the underlying assets and provide liquidity on TraderJoe If you are part of the Colony community, you also get rewarded part of the index fees.
In the future, we have plans for CAI to become a collateral asset in lending platforms, such as Benqi. More information to come soon!
What is Colony’s role in CAI?
Colony is a web3, community-driven ecosystem accelerator. They allow their community members to be investors in Avalanche’s top projects, alongside the largest VCs.
Being one of the top projects on Avalanche, Colony has had one of the largest fundraising rounds in the ecosystem to date.
They are our partner and CAI’s ambassador within the Avalanche community. Colony is investing their own treasury funds into CAI, providing liquidity on TraderJoe, as well as providing liquidity incentives with their token, CLY.
Check out their website here.
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