PDI - Phuture DeFi Index

The only yield generating DeFi index.


The Phuture DeFi Index (PDI) offers exposure to the top crypto assets by market capitalisation in the decentralised finance sector, known as DeFi. It is the only DeFi index to generate yield from the underlying tokens, utilising Yearn. The assets in this index are part of the Ethereum ecosystem.


PDI provides well-balanced exposure to the growing decentralised finance sector (DeFi), while also capturing additional returns from yield-generating protocols.
The assets are rigorously selected and weighted in proportion to their market capitalisation.



PDI token address

Token address: 0x632806BF5c8f062932Dd121244c9fbe7becb8B48

Invest in PDI

To invest in PDI, go to, connect your wallet and click on ‘Buy’.
Need help? We've prepared this step-by-step video tutorial explaining how to invest in PDI:
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