How to buy our index funds
Your crypto investments are about to get better.
This section assumes some background knowledge on decentralised finance (DeFi). If this is the first time you’re using DeFi, scroll down and follow the instructions on, ‘First time DeFi users’ before coming back here.

Buying Phuture index funds on Ethereum

You can buy using ETH and USDC for all index funds on Ethereum, including PDI.

The best places to buy our indices are

  • Directly from our app
We recommend purchasing our index funds through the channels above because they will ensure the best rates.

This brings a few benefits to your investment

  • It is executed with lower slippage.
  • You can withdraw your money back into ETH or USDC at any given time.

Video Tutorial: how to buy PDI

Step-by-steo tutorial on how to buy PDI.

Prefer text instructions? Follow these steps

  1. 2.
    Connect your wallet.
3. Select index
You can select your index from the Overview page
Overview page
Or the Invest page. Both work!
Invest page
4. Once you select the index, the page should look like this:
PDI screen, with wallet connected. This is a screenshot from the beta, the chart is not live.
5. We’re going to show you how to Mint.
On the right-hand side, click on Buy , and then Mint.
6. Select ETH or USDC as the original asset you will exchange for PDI, and enter the amount.
Here we’ve selected ETH, and added the amount of 10 ETH.
7. Approve and complete the transaction in your wallet
8. Done! You now have PDI in your wallet.
You can see the balance in the Portfolio section of our app.
In this example, this wallet holds 215 units of PDI

First time investing in DeFi?

Cover these steps first.