How to buy our index funds

Your crypto investments are about to get better.
This section assumes some background knowledge on decentralised finance (DeFi). If this is the first time you’re using DeFi, scroll down and follow the instructions on, ‘First time DeFi users’ before coming back here.

Buying Phuture index funds

You can buy using ETH and USDC for all index funds on Ethereum. For products on Avalanche, you can utilise AVAX or USDC.

The best place to buy our index funds is directly on our app.

We recommend purchasing our index funds through the channels above because we utilise 0x's enterprise-grade APIs to ensure you are getting the best rates.


  1. 2.
    Connect your wallet
3. Select the index you'd like to invest in
4. Once selected, the widget on the right side will appear. There, you can select ETH or USDC to buy Ethereum products, and enter the amount you'd like to buy.
For the products on Avalanche, the same widget will appear, but it will show the options to buy with AVAX of USDC.
5. Confirm the transaction within your wallet.
6. Done! You now have our products in your wallet.
You can see the balance in the Portfolio section of our app.

First time investing in DeFi?

Cover these steps first.
There is some background preparation before you buy our index funds! 1. Make sure you have a crypto wallet. You can start with a hot wallet, but we recommend you get a cold wallet once you go above USD 1,000 in value. Keep your private keys safe.
2. You will need to have ETH or USDC in your wallet to transact on Ethereum, or AVAX and USDC to transact on Avalanche.
  • Utilise an on-ramp solution to move your fiat (traditional money, like USD, EUR or GBP) onto a crypto asset.
  • Once you have ETH, AVAX or USDC in your wallet, move on to the next step.
3. Connect your wallet to our app.
Now that you’ve connected your wallet to the Phuture app, you can go back to the initial instructions here.