Our token: PHTR
Get to know how our token works, and how it can empower you to contribute to Phuture.

Tokens have a huge range of potential functions, from helping make decentralised organisations (DAOs) possible, to helping projects get funding by issuing and selling their own tokens. They can also be traded, staked, held or used for liquidity like any other cryptocurrency.
The Phuture token is called PHTR.
PHTR allows Phuture to enforce governance, reward users, incentivise activity and is also an instrument to raise capital.
Token address: 0xE1Fc4455f62a6E89476f1072530C20CF1A0622dA

Within Phuture, the main role PHTR has is governance.
Holders of PHTR contribute to the future of our products and decisions, being able to vote but also to propose new ideas to improve Phuture.
Each PHTR gives the holder a vote in our proposals for major decisions or changes. The more PHTR tokens you have, the more votes you get.

Once a user buys our PHTR token, they can stake it to receive interest. Your staked tokens are represented by the ePHTR token. ePHTR holders can vote in governance in the same way PHTR holders can.

Liquidity is essential for allowing you to easily invest into our index funds. We may distribute PHTR tokens to those who add liquidity to our index funds on supported exchanges.
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