Information on Phuture's governance system
Phuture operates as a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO). This means that we believe in making decisions as a collective. Each community member has the ability to participate in ongoing discussions, propose new ideas and vote on existing proposals.
Discussion takes place on two main platforms: Discord and Discourse. Typically, early ideas are formulated in Discord and formally proposed and discussed on Discourse.
The best place to participate in ongoing discussions is via one of our Community Working Groups. To find out more about Community Working Groups and how you can get involved, click the bookmark below.

Where can I vote?

Phuture has opted to use Snapshot to manage its governance functions. Snapshot is totally gas-less which means creating proposals and voting on existing proposals does not require ether. This removes all barriers to entry, allowing anyone holding ePHTR to participate in governance.
Visit our governance portal here.

What is required to vote?

In order to participate in governance you must be holding ePHTR. ePHTR can be obtained by staking your PHTR here.
ePHTR is a yield bearing, governance enabled variant of PHTR. This means that whilst you hold ePHTR, your PHTR is earning interest and you are eligible to participate in governance.
There is no minimum amount of ePHTR to vote. However, in order to create a new proposal you must hold at least 75k ePHTR.

What is required for a proposal to pass?

Here are the requirements in order for a proposal to be accepted and added to the implementation queue:
  • A majority (>50%) of the votes must be FOR the proposal
  • A 30% quorum must be hit. This means at least 30% of all ePHTR staked must have voted FOR the proposal.
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